Thursday, May 3, 2012

hellllllllo world

its ruth here.

yesterday was just a regular wednesday.
we ran a few miles 
(or should we say chatted a few miles)
went to McDiner for dinner and of course dined it.
we take full advantage of our favorite newly remodeled restaurant.
(mcdouble, small fry, large diet coke)
made the trek to park city to go to j.crew outlet.
sang the whole way.
tried on a few things with our running shoes.
because our theory: if you can make it look good with your running shoes on...its worth buying.
and enjoyed a sentimental sunset on the way home.
only problem is neither of us are cheesy sentimentalists (is that a word?) but it was pretty.
anyway, there is never a dull moment when i am with nans.
if i wasn't her best friend, i would be jealous of who was. 

to infinity, and beyond!

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  1. You two make my smile. ;) And I love that running shoes theory. Seriously. xoxo