Tuesday, June 12, 2012


well well well.
we all know I don't take bachelor/ette lightly
I thought I would give my thoughts on last nights ep.
you can bet your bottom dollar that I slipped this tee on before I tuned in.
and yes I am 100% team jef, my heart belongs to no other contender.
Sooooo my thoughts are as follows.
Sean: you are darling but such a SNOOOOOOOZER. spice things up a bit please. at times while I was watching I didnt know if it was nighttime on the show or if I was looking at the inside of my eyelids
Group Date: hahahahahanahahahahaha kalon is an idiot. And I'm sure people are going to hate me for saying this but i think arie is a raging alcoholic. He stumbles everywhere. Bless his heart. Doug...go home. Chris' doppelgänger= Bert from sesame street. John- who are you? Alejandro....enough said. Ryan- I wish I had something bad to say about you right now but all I really can say is that you give me the heebyjeebies
Jef: you are the most awkward soul. But truth be told...I think the rest of the contestants are far too not awkward given the situation. Emily adores you but let's get real here...you were thinking about me the whole date hence the "Chloe handbag" comment....first time Emily has ever mentioned picking up and moving with any of the guys. Interesting......
Emily really pisses me off because she is the size of my right thigh and has the cutest clothes.
But those are my thoughts.
Take them or leave them.

To infinity, and beyond!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

dirty hair? clean it up!

i know i'm not the only girl who hates to shower.
it's not that i don't like being clean,
i just hate having to deal with my wet hair!
it starts getting greasy when i don't wash it,
and a pontytail can only disguise that for so long.
i've tried all different kinds of dry shampoo,
and they either make my hair feel stiff or they smell weird.
my friend recommended suave's dry shampoo,
and it really changed my life. 
spray a little suave on the roots, 
brush it out, and BAM! clean (looking) hair!
$2 at any grocery store. $2!
not only does it make your hair look clean,
but it smells reallllly good. 
i think every girl who hates showering needs to buy this.
richie thinks it's gross how little i wash my hair,
but i think it's just a girl thing that guys don't understand.
it's like, if we could get out of the shower and have our hair look
the exact same as when we got in,
then yeah, we'd probably shower twice a day too.

Monday, May 28, 2012

memory day gone maxi

I want to personally applaud the maxi skirt for being my favorite summer staple two years running.
I am also really loving royal blue right now so when I saw this skirt, it was practically screaming at me to give it a home.
Perfect outfit for a random holiday.
And I'm gonna get all cray and patriotic and eat a hamburger...
Nothing screams America like a heart attack (burger)

shirt: zara
skirt: nordys
shoes: my girl tory burch pulls through again
jewelry: gifted
lipstick: mac sheen supreme

happy memory day to our lovely blog friends!

to infinity, and beyond!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

silly sunday!

i would like to say that this is a rare occasion for us to be singing like this...
but then i would be lying.
more often than not our conversations end up in song.
tone deaf and all.
mary kate & ashley live on.
through our voices. 

to infinity, and beyond!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

lunettes de soleil

shirt(s): jcrew
pants: old navy 
flats: seychelles 
bracelet: jcrew
crab necklace: jcrew factory
sunglasses: target
i'm really happy that i work in an office
where every day is 'casual friday',
even though i'm pretty sure 
the people i work with
are sick of seeing my white jeans.
i don't currrr. i love them
(they were only $20)!

to infinity, and beyond!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

jcrew fans, step right up!

i know i'm not the only jcrew fein out there
who treats each new catalog 
like it's the best book they've ever read.
will any of you be watching cnbc's special on jcrew
tomorrow night!? i can hardly wait.
i think jenna lyons is a mastermind.
did you know she started at jcrew as an intern
at a little desk in the hallway?
i guess this post has no other purpose than to tell people
about the Jcrew documentary!
if i hadn't known about i would be so sad,
which is why i'm telling you!

click here to see the preview!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

sundays best

my dress was a tad bit short
but short and all, it went to church with me today.
after all I go to a singles ward..
(is that inappropriate?)
blue dress for a blue sky day!

dress: anthro
necklace: crew cuts
shoes: too embarrassed to tell :)
sunnies: nordstrommm
lipstick: mac 'good to go'

to infinity, and beyond!