Monday, May 28, 2012

memory day gone maxi

I want to personally applaud the maxi skirt for being my favorite summer staple two years running.
I am also really loving royal blue right now so when I saw this skirt, it was practically screaming at me to give it a home.
Perfect outfit for a random holiday.
And I'm gonna get all cray and patriotic and eat a hamburger...
Nothing screams America like a heart attack (burger)

shirt: zara
skirt: nordys
shoes: my girl tory burch pulls through again
jewelry: gifted
lipstick: mac sheen supreme

happy memory day to our lovely blog friends!

to infinity, and beyond!


  1. That skirt is stellar! And I'm sad I didn't have a burger today.. Boo! I guess I'm not patriotic eh?

    Janette the Jongleur

    PS. Check out my blog on Wednesday.. Having a link up party that you may be interested in...You may add a few more followers to your lovely blog!

  2. you are a babe! just bought a maxi dress this weekend and when i saw this i got extra excited. love your outfit!

  3. i love your maxi skirt! i have two young sons, so i seem to gravitate more towards longer skirts now. ;)

    stopping by from janette's so close link up party. feel free to stop by and say hello!