Tuesday, June 5, 2012

dirty hair? clean it up!

i know i'm not the only girl who hates to shower.
it's not that i don't like being clean,
i just hate having to deal with my wet hair!
it starts getting greasy when i don't wash it,
and a pontytail can only disguise that for so long.
i've tried all different kinds of dry shampoo,
and they either make my hair feel stiff or they smell weird.
my friend recommended suave's dry shampoo,
and it really changed my life. 
spray a little suave on the roots, 
brush it out, and BAM! clean (looking) hair!
$2 at any grocery store. $2!
not only does it make your hair look clean,
but it smells reallllly good. 
i think every girl who hates showering needs to buy this.
richie thinks it's gross how little i wash my hair,
but i think it's just a girl thing that guys don't understand.
it's like, if we could get out of the shower and have our hair look
the exact same as when we got in,
then yeah, we'd probably shower twice a day too.


  1. i freaking love dry shampoo. and i just hopped on board like 2 months ago. i use tresemme but i think when i'm out i'm going to use an invisible kind because i hate how it turns my hair white. and if i don't brush it out all the way then i'm a grandma. i love how much body and volume it gives my hair though! and yes, totally with you on the wet hair. you're lucky because your hair is short. mine is getting so long and totally unmanageable.

  2. I love that stuff too! I swear by it on all those days I'm too lazy to wash my hair. Seriously a miracle worker. ;)

  3. I use this too! But i find it makes my hair very static-y after. You?

  4. nice find!!! i go several days without washing my hair- I totally feel ya!! thanks for the tip!