Thursday, May 17, 2012

let me mention the unmentionables

on monday, ruth and i we attended a bridal shower
for our darling friend amy.
we are so happy and excited for her,
but are we the only ones who find
watching your friends open lingerie awkward?
really though.
the bride feels awkward,
her friends feel awkward,
so why do we do it???
that's something i'll never understand.
i guess that's what we get for
being in a sorority...
a whole lot of lingerie-themed bridal showers.

that's why, when my girl ruth gets married,
i'll give her an anthro gift card
so she can choose her unmentionables as she pleases.

to infinity, and beyond!


  1. anthro gift card... you really are the greatest friend!

  2. Hahaha YES!

    I had to open mine in front of my mom, his mom and his grandma. Plus a million friends and other family members. Oh. Now you can imagine me in this sexy lace thing. Cute.

    ALSO MY BRIDESMAIDS ASKED MY MOM WHAT SIZE BRA I WEAR. I mean really. So much awkward. I'm like 3, I know.