Wednesday, May 16, 2012

my bachelorette review: the good, the bad, and the ugly

i tend to get a little carried away when it comes to the bachelorette.
but truth be told, i pick my favorites not because i actually think the marriage is going to work out,
because they never do.
i pick favorites because im a sore loser and if i was a contestant on the show i would want the winning title.
plain & simple
but hear me out on the theory,
im thinkin that this new "mansion" and new scenery might be good luck compared to past seasons...
anyone want to have high hopes and agree with me?
soooo. my thoughts this week:
-i appreciated the diversity this season so i applaud you ABC for giving alejandro and lerone a chance. although i am fully aware that ABC is in a law suit and is going to get sued if they didnt put someone other than a caucasian on there...nice try.
-there are some men i would rather just not talk shirt (stevie) for instance. enough said.
-doug....woof. get a life. i know you typed up that letter and made your son rewrite it.
-although kalon decided it was appropriate to wear lipgloss on his tv debut. i actually appreciated his entrance in the helicopter...hate me for it. i just hope his lip gloss got thrown away.

okay enough bad mouthing...
Jef: Gotta root for the UT boy. He really is a sweetheart and i could tell she liked him because he thought he was too cool for school and wasnt doing sappy things to get her attention.
(i am trying to decide if this is the part where i brag that both nans & i have hung out with him before..too much? okay carry on)
Arie: what a gem. i want him.

those are my only two favorites so far...lame i know, but i am sure some more will grow on me. but as for now, the rest of them have a severe case of bro and i am not a fan yet. prove me wrong boys, prove me wrong.

but in the meantime im gonna google how to have a body like emily you think google will tell me?

to infinity, and beyond!


  1. Ha! Great minds think alike :) I like Ryan too, IF he gets a hair makeover. :) Thanks for checking out my blog. Loving yours! I'll be following! xoxo (oh, and yes, I'm in SLC!)

  2. I love Ryan and Jef!!! those two are my favorites so far. and the cool thing is that I live in Charlotte and I know where the new "mansion" is. if only they were still filming. anyways I love your blog.